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Hicksville Demolition

D. B. Containers of Brooklyn, NY is a one-stop shop for your Demolition & Demo Debris Removal, Excavation and Roll Off Dumpster Rental services in all the five boroughs of New York City. Contact D.B. Container if you need a professional demolition & demolition debris removal team to help you with every step of your demolition project in Brooklyn, NY, Queens, NY, Mangattan, NY, Bronx, NY, Staten Island, NY and surrounding areas.
D. B. Container can handle any size of residential, commercial and industrial demolition project offering: 
  • Demolition and demo debris removal
  • Excavation and foundation preparation 
  • Guidance with obtaining demolition permits
  • Multy stori buildings – whole or partial demolition
  • House demolition and construction site clean up
  • Construction and demolition job site roll off dumpsters
Contact DB Containers, a local Demolition Contractors for commercial and residential demolition services that you can trust. Let our team take care of your building or house demolition without any hassle, and remove and recycle the debris. Wood, concrete, insulation, drywall and other building materials must be handled with care because they may include asbestos fibers that are harmful when released in the air. This is why demolition should be done by professionals who are highly skilled in removing such materials.
Other Services by D. B. Containers:
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Excavation
  • Build a new home
  • Rubbish removal
  • Renovation & remodeling home or office
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