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Easton Dumpster Rental

At Charles Chrin Companies we pride ourselves in service to our customers allowing a hassle free roll off container rental experience. We can provide the proper container for your needs in a prompted and timely manner for most of the outlying counties in the area. Please see below the list of counties that we currently service:

  • Lehigh County
  • Northampton County
  • Lower Monroe County
  • Upper Bucks CountyLehigh County

if by chance your area is not listed, please feel free to call and receive more information.

Front Load Containers

We have a wide variety front load dumpsters to suit your every need for commercial waste or municipal trash to recycling handling.

Container Sizes (in cubic yards)

  • 2yd = 40“H x 72“W x 36“D
  • 4yd = 49“H x 72“W x 54“D
  • 6yd = 60“H x 72“W x 72“D
  • 8yd = 72“H x 72“W x 80“D

Upon ordering your container please keep in mind the location were the container is to be placed, such as an enclosure, concrete pad, parking lot, garage area etc. Some containers may need wheels for easy movement (2yd & 4yd), also decals and signs available for NO PARKING, TRASH ONLY & RECYCLING PRODUCTS. Please check with a sales person upon ordering for all your special needs including variations of containers such slant tops & dock containers.

Rolloff Containers

These containers can be used for construction debris removal, home renovation waste hauling, property clean ups or other clean ups and general waste removal. Our roll off dumpsters are the perfect solution for your industrial or renovation/construction needs, we also offer compactor services for your industrial and commercial needs. We offer prompt convent roll off container delivery and pick ups, exchange or removal of containers.

Rolloff Sizes (in cubic yards)

  • 10yd (open top) = 3 ½'H x 8’W x 11’L
  • 20yd (open top) = 3 ½'H x 8’W x 22’L
  • 30yd (open top) = 5 ½'H x 8’W x 22’L
  • 35yd (open top) = 6 ½'H x 8’W x 22’L
  • 40yd (compactor) = Fully enclosed, break away

What you need to know about our Roll Off Containers:

  • NO liquids, chemicals, hazardous material or electronics of any kind.
  • Designed for Construction, Industrial, Commercial, Recycling, residential cleanup & residential construction.
  • Containers have an open top and a rear door to access container.
  • If you’re disposing of dirt or concrete you MUST speak with a sales person before ordering. (10yd or 20yd for dirt or concrete, NO LARGER)
  • You may require a permit if placing on the street, Check with your local municipality for regulations prior to ordering and delivery.
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