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Sterling Roll Off Containers

A roll-off containers Sterling by Tully Disposal & Recycling offers roll off trash boxes which are strong metal trash dumpsters that have wheels to helps rolling the roll off dumpster box in place. Tully Disposal & Recycling’s open top roll off containers are made to be delivered to your place by specially equipped roll off trucks.

Roll-off containers rental in Sterling offered by Tully Disposal & Recycling is a good solution for construction and demolition waste and household junk removal.

If you are Sterling home owner, property manager, renovation contractor or a construction contractor operating in Sterling then turn to Tully Disposal & Recycling for your Sterling roll off trash container rental for roll off container rental and waste removal professional service.

Tully Disposal & Recycling - Roll Off Container Rentals of Sterling will bring a proper size of roll off container and carefully place the roll off dumpster on your property. Tully Disposal & Recycling’s roll-offs are rented by volume (measured in cubic yards), there are also weight limitations. Please ask Tully Disposal & Recycling’s waste management consultant about maximum weight limit for a particular roll off container. Overloaded containers will most likely result in an overage charge.

You will load the dumpster with the waste and call Tully Disposal & Recycling when it is ready. Tully Disposal & Recycling is is an environmentally friendly business. We always recycle recyclable materials including metal, wood and other recyclables. After the waste container is loaded, the roll-off truck pulls the filled container onto the roll-off truck by using a cable and winch system. When being carried, the roll-off should be covered.

Tully Disposal & Recycling does not accept certain items in our roll off containers including hazardous waste material, oil, electronics, etc. Please ask Tully Disposal & Recycling’s consultant for the full list of items that are not accepted by Tully Disposal & Recycling.

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