D.B. Containers

  • 129 Louisiana Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11207
  • Rated as 3.0
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    December 2019

    City: Bronx / Province: New York

    Service: Dumpster Rental in Bronx by D.B. Containers

    Rated us as 3.0 stars

    Pick up and delivery was good. But do read the fine print before giving your credit card. We were charged an extra $300.00 for the weight of our garbage. We assumed if it fits in the dumpster, that was all we needed to pay. We had no clue, that we needed to weigh our garbage before putting it into the dumpster. If you don't weigh your garbage b4 putting into the dumpster. Be prepared to pay. We ended up paying almost double the price for the dumpster. Imagine that!!!