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Have you ever asked yourself “how important is Branding to the success of my Dumpster Rentals & Junk Removal business? Is it ever possible at all to build a strong Brand in such a specific industry as Waste Management?! Yes, it is. In fact, by starting a business with a solid foundation of your Dumpster Rentals Brand, you, as a bin rental company owner, will be able to create a reputation designed to build strong, long term relationships and trust with potential customers from the very start.

However, the hard truth about building online Dumpster Rentals Brand story, is that there are many guys out there already offering the same dumpster rental services. This dictates that your Dumpster Rental Brand story will need to be original, bold and compelling. This also means that your Dumpster Rentals Brand story and the content you share need to be build around the idea your customers will love.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you are getting ready to build and maintain your Dumpster Rentals Brand:

a) Build you Dumpster Rentals Brand content around three core components:

Dumpster Rentals Brand “ Love & Believe ” story
Dumpster Rentals Brand “ Essence ” story
Dumpster Rentals Brand “ Business Spirit ” story

b) You don’t need a magic wand for creating a rock solid online Dumpster Rentals Brand. The recipe is rather simple: be clear, consistent, bold, brief and bright.

Dumpster Rentals Brand Love & Believe story

This story should always begin with telling your customers ‘why’ you believe in and love what you’re doing. Here you should prove, defend and preach why your Dumpster Rentals Brand is valuable, necessary and beneficial. Share with your customers what inspired you (beyond making money) to start your bin rental & junk removal business.

The key elements to this story may sound like:
From Personal Perspective

  • In North America we are the greatest waste producers in the world so we felt that it was imperative for us to be the greatest environment protectors as well.
  • We love to keep our communities neat and tidy.
  • We love watching our kids playing outside in a clean safe environment.

From Professional Perspective

  • We want to remind people about the value of waste reduction and environment protection. And this is not just about following waste recycling regulations. The idea is much broader: Reuse-Reduce-Recycle & Waste Wisely!
  • We want our customers to be certain that their waste will be disposed of in environmentally friendly manner in accordance with city bylaws and local waste management regulations.
  • We’ve trained our staff to recycle everything – our employees won’t bypass a piece of recyclable trash.
  •  We listen to everything customers say. Our customer service team constantly monitors customer feedback and replies to questions and concerns.

Dumpster Rentals Brand Essence story

The elements of this story should be focused on defining the purpose and position of the dumpster rental service. It will describe the features of the roll off dumpster service and link the features with customer’s desires. It is important to accurately describe the features of your Dumpster Rental service because Internet search engines like Google and MSN will use the Brand Essence story to categorize and save it in their indexes for people searching for your service online.

List features of the dumpster rental service

  • Large inventory of front load dumpsters and roll off bins. Commercial dumpster sizes vary from 2 to 8 cubic yard. Open top roll off containers are available in sizes from 5 to 60 cubic yard.
  • We are licensed and fully insured
  • We are well trained waste removal professionals
  • We are a member of Dumpster Rentals Depot for N years

Connect the features with customer’s desires. Discover true benefits customers will gain by engaging your company

  • The ability to handle any size of waste hauling projects. Freedom from having to pay extra for a too large bin or for a second or third dumpster that happened to be too small for the job.
  • Good feelings from understanding that there will be no serious financial loss issues or consequences because of accidental damage or injury done by uninsured track driver
  • Peace of mind of knowing that the job will be done on time and within budget
  • Confidence that the property lawn or driveway pavement will not be destroyed by unskillful, inexperienced workers

Dumpster Rentals Brand Business Spirit story

This is a story about the spirit of your Dumpster Rental business. It showcases the unique side of your company and encourages like-minded customers to recommend, defend and even share stories about what it’s like to engage your company.

Promote local values of your Dumpster Rentals Brand stories .

  • We plant a tree with every tenth rented out dumpster
  • We donate time, staff, activities & money to local kids groups and schools.
  • We don’t support any development at the expense of the environment. This will never change.

Push the community into your spotlight with gratitude & recognition

  • Because of our green efforts the company has become a recognized supporter of the local Environmental Sustainability Project
  • What was once a small business of one truck and 5 bins is now a company of 25 employees 10 dump truck and a large inventory of different size dumpsters.

A final thought when creating your Dumpster Rental Brand stories. When coming out of the gates with your stories don’t worry about your writing style.

Remember that your Brand stories are a work in progress – be sure they change with you. So what are you waiting for? Your Dumpster Rentals Brant isn’t going to create itself without your approval.

  • Published: 2016-03-31T14:43:29-07:00
  • Author: Harry Cotten