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Banned Substances in Disposal Bin Rentals

Banned Waste In Dumpster Rental

Garbage Bin Rentals or Roll Off Dumpster Rentals are one of the most common ways of disposing unwanted waste, junk or construction debris. They are known for their simplicity and ease of use. They are also used for cleanfill - something you can recycle. Cleanfill is categorized as an item that can be recycled and constitutes of the following items - soil, brick, asphalt and concrete. The rental cost of the bin is usually dependent on the type of material you are disposing off and the total weight you are disposing.

However, there are things you are not allowed to throw into your disposal bin. These items are not allowed for a variety of reasons and must be respected in order for the dumpster bin rental company to do their job properly.  These items also cannot be placed curbside and will be refused. They need to be properly disposed off in their particular drop off locations.

  1. Automotive Oil. Automotive Oil can be recycled. It is something we should keep reusing rather than keep producing. Oil cannot be mixed with other substances and certainly cannot be poured down the drains as it is a potential threat to clog the lines. The right way to dispose of Automotive oil is to pour it into a container and bring it to a recycling center or service station near you.
  2. Paint. Paint of any kind is certainly not allowed in Disposal Bins. It contains chemicals that are harmful to animals and the environment. This includes stainers, varnishes and coatings. Paint obviously cannot be thrown down the drain. However, you can get rid of them by returning cans where you purchased them while excess paint can be donated to charities around your city.
  3. Batteries Batteries have acid in them. They cannot be thrown into disposal bins and can often be recycled. The best way to dispose of batteries is to take them to a factory outlet for batteries (there are plenty of them around). If not, you can always contact your local garbage collection service

There are plenty of items that can go into roll off dumpster rental compared to the items that cannot go into them. Whether you are looking to clean out your house or undertaking a huge home renovation, feel free to contact Dump-Squad today for a free Quote!

  • Published: 2017-10-30T06:46:02-07:00
  • Author: Rob Bond